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TreeJuggler is an open source software that can draw hierarchical information (i.e. trees) compactly.

Getting Hierarchical Information into Shape

Family trees, organizational charts, taxonomies or product breakdown structures can be very large. That is why compact and clear drawings of hierarchical information are important. But space requirements vary depending on the individual use case. TreeJuggler can optimize drawings for any aspect ratio. This will be demonstrated in a short video. Continue reading

TreeJuggler-Tutorial – Tree Juggling For Beginners

Drawing complex hierarchical information manually is both cumbersome and time consuming. This task should not be done manually, but with a suitable piece of software. TreeJuggler is such a tool. It can layout hierarchical information compactly and optimize the drawing for any aspect ratio you need. Here is how to use it… Continue reading

Juggling with Trees – How to Layout Hierarchical Information Compactly

Hierarchical information is everywhere: Family trees, organizational charts, taxonomies or product breakdown structures. A good graphical representation can convey a lot of information very quickly. However, creating such a drawing manually is cumbersome. This article will show how such a task can be performed automatically. Continue reading