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The Legespiel-Solver was implemented to solve a specific Scramble Squares puzzles. There are many variations of that game, which is why the Legespiel-Solver has been designed to be easily adaptable.

Solve Scramble Squares Puzzles Online

Solving Scramble Squares Puzzles is easy! Just import the Legespiel-Solver from Github into your favorite IDE, implement a GameConfig, run the Solver class using this new configuration and you are done! OK, I guess it is a bit difficult, if you don’t happen to be a software-engineer. That’s why I built an (hopefully) easy-to-use web application.

List of Scramble Squares Puzzles with solutions

This list covers variations of a certain kind of tile based game called Scramble Squares (in German: “Legespiel”) in which square cards must be placed to form a larger square so that the images of all cards fit together at the edges. It shows the number of solutions and what they look like exactly. All solutions were calculated with the software Legespiel-Solver. The results also make it possible to estimate how difficult the respective Scramble Squares puzzle really is.

Solving Knifflidiffels – Scramble Squares With Duplicate Cards

I recently stumbled upon a type of game that is not uncommon here in Germany. It is called a Scramble Squares puzzle (in German “Legespiel”). One of the most popular ones is called Knifflidiffels by Diddl. Similar pictures have to be put together. The different versions involving the cute mouse are not only very suitable for beginners, but also introduce another interesting aspect: duplicate cards.

Backtracking in The Nursery – How to Solve Scramble Squares

I recently stumbled upon a game that is not uncommon here in Germany. It is called Scramble Squares (in German “Legespiel”). The specific type of tile-based game, this post will be about, has quadratic cards with pictures on them. These pictures must be arranged to a square in such a way that the pictures on each card fit together with the pictures of the cards around it. I will show how complex this problem is and also present an algorithm to solve it.