List of Scramble Squares Puzzles with solutions

This list covers variations of a certain kind of tile based game called Scramble Squares (in German: “Legespiel”) in which square cards must be placed to form a larger square so that the images of all cards fit together at the edges. It shows the number of solutions and what they look like exactly. All solutions were calculated with the software Legespiel-Solver. The results also make it possible to estimate how difficult the respective Scramble Squares puzzle really is.

NameNumber of SolutionsSolutionsCard DuplicatesDifficulty
Asterix Total Verflixt1Legespiel-Solver015239
Butterflies Scramble Squares2Legespiel-Solver010793
Cats Scramble Squares2Legespiel-Solver09264
Crazy9 Burgerman Doodles
Crazy9 Burgerman Doodles
Crazy9 Ketner Owls
Crazy9 Ketner Owls
Crazy9 Mordillo Cows
Crazy9 Mordillo Cows
Crazy9 Wachtmeister Cats
Crazy9 Wachtmeister Cats
Das verflixte Hundespiel2Legespiel-Solver07271
Das verflixte Schildkrötenspiel2Legespiel-Solver14594
Das verrückte Loriot Legespiel3Legespiel-Solver22066
Diddl Knifflidiffels (Version 1)
(yellow cards with cloverleaf)
Diddl Knifflidiffels (Version 2)
(orange/red cards)
Diddl Knifflidiffels (Version 3)
(light pink cards)
Diddl Knifflidiffels (Version 4)
(white cards)
Diddl Knifflidiffels (Version 5)
26Legespiel-Solver / with original images5183
Die Katzen-Knobelei (not verified - submitted via Scramble Squares Solver Online)2Legespiel-Solver14594
Die Loriot-Knobelei (2 solutions according to packaging)
Die Schweine-Knobelei (page 23)1Legespiel-Solver15082
Die verrückte Hühnerparty (not verified - submitted via Scramble Squares Solver Online)2Legespiel-Solver07271
Garfields Katzenjammer (submitted via Scramble Squares Solver Online)1Legespiel-Solver015239
Hot Air Balloons Scramble Squares1Legespiel-Solver017435
Pippi Langstrumpf Absolut knifflig!
37Legespiel-Solver / with original images01492
Retriever Scramble Squares1Legespiel-Solver 015639
Serengeti Scramble Squares1Legespiel-Solver016602
Uli Stein: Noch verzwickter1Legespiel-Solver020034
Uli Stein: Noch verwzickter geht nicht!1Legespiel-Solver020034
Vin, Vino, Wein, Wine!2Legespiel-Solver07260
Witches-Puzzle (Das verflixte Hexenspiel)2Legespiel-Solver07271

About the Content

For legal reasons only very few solutions are available with original pictures. Therefore, in most cases, the only available graphics are the ones generated by the Legespiel-Solver, which contain a textual description of the cards. Duplicate cards have the same background color (green, blue or red).

Solutions that only result from turning another solution 90°, 180° or 270° were not counted as original solutions. Also, solutions that look the same because of duplicated or symmetric cards count as identical.

Whenever the cards for a game are unfortunately not available and therefore the solutions are unknown, this symbol is used.

The difficulty of a game is measured by how many combinations you have to try on average in a systematic search (without repetitions) until you find a solution. A higher number therefore means that the game is more difficult.

Further Information

For more information about the Legespiel-Solver and how it can be used to determine solutions to Scramble Square puzzles, see the articles Backtracking in The Nursery – How to Solve Scramble Squares and Solving Knifflidiffels – Scramble Squares With Duplicate Cards. There is even a Scramble Squares Solver Online available.

Is your favourite game still missing? Do you have any cards that would be useful to make this list more complete? You could use the Scramble Squares Solver Online to submit your game. Or maybe you discovered a mistake? I would be very grateful for a message or comment.


  • The images for the Crazy9 games were provided by Medienbüro Ahrend. The copyright is held by Heye-Verlag.
  • The cards for the Knifflidiffels games were used by courtesy of the Diddl-Werkstatt. The copyright is held by Thomas Goletz.
  • The images of Pippi Langstrumpf Absolut Knifflig have been used with kind permission of Verlag Friedrich Oetinger, Hamburg.

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  1. Anita

    I have the nine cards called vino vino vino and can’t get it done. Always one isn’t fitting
    Is there a picture to look at as the package doesn’t have one.
    This can drive you crazy lol


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