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Andreas Keilhauer

Andreas Keilhauer is a freelance software engineer and IT-consultant. He has been fascinated by complex problems and solving them with software for many years and is also engaged in the sensible utilisation of open source.

Solve Scramble Squares Puzzles Online

Solving Scramble Squares Puzzles is easy! Just import the Legespiel-Solver from Github into your favorite IDE, implement a GameConfig, run the Solver class using this new configuration and you are done! OK, I guess it is a bit difficult, if you don’t happen to be a software-engineer. That’s why I built an (hopefully) easy-to-use web application.

Hang in There! Why Even Algebraic Structures are Useful

Hardly any other subject can hit a freshman as hard as those strange “algebraic structures” during your first math course. You started out to solve real problems and now this professor explains to you, with a straight face, that there really exists such a thing as addition and multiplication and that surprisingly 0 is not equal to 1. What’s that got to do with the real world?