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TreeJuggler allows you to draw hierarchical information in a space-saving way. The TreeJuggler demo gives you a small insight into its great captabilities.

Whether it’s family trees, organizational charts, taxonomies or product breakdown structures, they often simply don’t fit properly in the document or on the printer’s paper format. The solution is then often manual “box-pushing”. And if the data changes, everything starts all over again!


TreeJuggler can automatically optimize these diagrams to any aspect ratio, as the TreeJuggler demo illustrates.

In the demo, the aspect ratio and node spacing can be easily changed using the sliders. It is also possible to try out what TreeJuggler would do with your data (in DOT format) via “Advanced Settings”.

Huge Amounts of Data?

Although the TreeJuggler demo is limited to smaller examples (maximum of 5000 characters), the full version can handle large amounts of data without any problems, as shown in the following YouTube video:

Airbus Space (formerly Astrium GmbH), for example, has automated the drawing of their parts lists from SAP using TreeJuggler (project: Graphical Tree).

Contact Us!

TreeJuggler can do so much more: in addition to the fully automatic layout shown here, you can use a graphical user interface to layout individual nodes manually or use automatic layout for a particular subtree. Layout specifications for individual nodes, colored nodes or the display of images are also possible.

The full version can be installed on your own servers and you have the choice between a command line tool and a web service.

Just send us an email.

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